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~Charter Bus ICHIBEH Quality~

English speaking attendant/Cargo trailer for luggage/10pax various seat arrange/2hours sightseeing without extra fee

2hours capable for sightseeing or shopping.Snow Monkey park,Obuse,Zenkoji-Temple,Karuizawa(journey marked with yellow star)

Booking:You can book via e-mail using the form on the website.Let us know your destination and what time you wish to travel as well as where we should pick you up from.We have a direct booking phone number but English speakng staff is not always.Please understanding.

Payment:Credit card(Visa/Master/Dinars/AMEX/JCB)

Private Transfer TABIYA ICHIBEH Lampya Co.,Ltd.
〒389-1305 長野県上水内郡信濃町柏原4648-1

TEL:+81-26-255-5589 FAX:+81-26-255-5946

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